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Sickness Insurance

The sickness insurance system is intended for gainfully employed persons who, with the loss of income in cases of short-term social events (temporary incapacity for work due to illness or injury or quarantine, taking care of a family member, pregnancy and maternity, childcare), receive financial sickness insurance benefits.

Employees are required to be covered by sickness insurance, unlike self-employed people, whose sickness insurance is voluntary.

Six financial benefits are paid from sickness insurance:

  • sick leave

  • maternity benefit

  • pregnancy and maternity compensatory benefit

  • caretaking benefit

  • paternity leave for fathers

  • long-term care

All of the benefits relating to sickness insurance are paid by the district (or Prague) social security authority. You can find more detailed information here and a list of the workplaces here.

Sick leave

An employee who is declared by a physician to be incapable of performing work is entitled to the payment of sick leave starting from the 15th calendar day of the work incapacity. For the first 14 calendar days, the employer pays the employee compensation of wages for each work day.

Maternity benefit

You can find more information here.

Pregnancy and maternity compensatory benefit

You can find more information here.

Caretaking benefit

An employee is entitled to a caretaking benefit if the employee cannot work for the following reasons:

  • taking care of a sick member of the household, or

  • taking care of a healthy child under the age of 10 because a school or childcare facility was closed due to an accident or another unanticipated event or if the person who otherwise cares for the child has become ill

The support period for the caretaking benefit is a maximum of nine calendar days.

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