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Current situation in the Czech Republic

Housing and the real estate market in the Czech Republic are primarily impacted at this time by the continued rise in the price of real estate and the lack of new flats and houses, which are usually the most popular. Residential construction in larger towns is entirely insufficient, which is reflected not only on the real estate market for sales but also gradually in rental housing. In addition, this demand is increasing even more because people are moving to large towns for work, mainly to Prague. This is also affected by the practically zero unemployment in Prague and surrounding areas and the higher salaries in comparison with the remainder of the country.

The choice of housing is relatively abundant. You can choose from family houses, luxurious villas, flats in beautiful brick buildings, in housing developments, or in modern residential quarters.

Short-term residence

If you are visiting the Czech Republic for only a few days or weeks, there is a wide range of hotels, pensions, and hostels available, and reservations can be made, for example, on Booking.com

Options for the dormitories of Charles University can be found here.

You can contact our Staff Welcome Centre, and we will find out if there is any vacancy at the accommodation facilities of Charles University:

Long-term residence

Options for the dormitories of Charles University can be found here.

You can contact our Staff Welcome Centre, and we will find out if there is any vacancy at the accommodation facilities of Charles University:

Renting a flat

Searching for housing through a real estate agency is the simplest way. Rent for flats arranged through real estate agencies is usually the most expensive. However, an advantage is that the real estate agency handles legal services, prepares the lease agreement and other formalities, and if some problem occurs in the rented accommodation during your stay, you can turn to them. A common practice is paying commission of one month’s rent and a refundable deposit to the renter which is usually also one month’s rent. Thus, the initial costs are relatively high.

Real estate agencies offering services in English:



Specialized websites offering apartments for long-term rent:



Another option is to find housing without a real estate agency and to negotiate directly with the owner of the real estate. There is no help with finding accommodation or solving problems with the landlord, but the tenant does not have to pay a commission to the real estate agency. However, it is necessary to pay the deposit in the amount of 1 or 2 rents.

Recommended websites for accommodation without a real estate agency:





There also exist Facebook groups that offer rentals without real estate agencies, for example:





Purchasing real estate

Currently, even foreign nationals may acquire real estate in the Czech Republic without restrictions. Thus, the terms and conditions are the same for Czech citizens, foreigners, EU citizens, and third country nationals. If you decide to purchase real estate, you can use the services of real estate agencies, or you can try to search for properties on specialized websites, such as Bezrealitky.cz or Sreality.cz.

The purchase of real estate is still a relatively demanding administrative and legal matter, even for Czechs. As a result, it is advisable to contact an agent or adviser, such as a lawyer, who can handle all of the essentials relating to the purchase of real estate. In general, for the purchase of real estate by a foreign national, valid personal documents must be provided, as well as an extract from the criminal record and, if applicable, a power of attorney if represented by a third party. Current practice also allows foreign nationals to acquire real estate through a mortgage. The limit for cash payments is now CZK 270,000.

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