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Events organized by SWC

  • Communication Skills

    Find a better way how to present your ideas! This interactive webinar organized by Staff Welcome Centre will introduce you to some of the skills you need to communicate more effectively at work.

Educational courses at CU

  • The courses under the patronage of CPPT are intended for undergraduate and postgraduate studentsscientists and other employees of the Charles University, as well as for the general public as a part of the lifelong learning program.

  • Research Data Management course - The popular RDM e-learning course is now available in English! The course introduces basic concepts of RDM as well as useful tools to help you manage data effectively.

Weekly Sessions on Repertoire and Interpretation of Classical Music

Since music can give us pleasure and comfort under all circumstances, don´t hesitate to join weekly motivational sessions on Repertoire and Interpretation of classical music. The sessions will start on 10 March, and should continue until 28 April. Each session will be presented by Dr Haig Utidjian, Chief Conductor and Chorus Master of the Charles University Orchestra and Chorus. The eminent Sicilian musicologist and choral conductor, Dr Giuseppe Sanfratello, the Australian musicologist and virtuoso violinist of Czech heritage, Dr Sigrid Harris, and the Oxford-based poet (and author of sonnets dedicated to Nielsen’s and Bruckner’s symphonies) and advisor to the New Zealand government, Dr Bernard Cadogan, have kindly agreed to feature as guests.The presentations will be held in English.

If you would like to obtain the zoom invitation, kindly contact us at .


10 March: On Handel’s Alexander’s Feast

17 March: On the Hovhaness Magnificat

24 March: An evening of words and music with Giuseppe Sanfratello

31 March: On Bruckner’s Symphonies

7 April: An evening of words and music with Sigrid Harris

14 April: Roussel’s exquisite masterpiece: Le Marchand de Sable qui passe…

21 April: An evening of words and music with Bernard Cadogan

28 April: Enjoying Stravinsky

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