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Third Country National

The steps that a family member from a third country (i.e. those who are not citizens of an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland) must take prior to arrival differ depending on the planned length of the stay.

Stays up to 90 days

Stays longer than 90 days

Stays up to 90 days

Family members who are citizens of third countries without visa requirements can stay in the Czech Republic up to three months without a visa using only their passport.

If a family member of an EU citizen from a third country is required to have a visa due to their citizenship, a valid short-term visa for the family member of an EU/Czech citizen is required to enter the Czech Republic. This visa is not required for family members who are holders of a residence card for a family member of an EU citizen or residence cards of a family member of an EU citizen issued by another EU country, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, or Liechtenstein and if the duration of their stay in the Czech Republic does not exceed three months.

Procedure for filing the application:

  • find out at which consulate or visa centre you will file the application

  • arrange an appointment to file the application

  • applications are usually filed in person, and biometric data is collected (fingerprints)


  • application form

  • applicant’s passport

  • photo (35 mm x 45 mm)

  • documents demonstrating the existence of the EU citizen (copy of ID card or passport of the EU citizen)

  • document confirming that the applicant is family member of the EU citizen (marriage certificate, birth certificate, verification of dependence for serious health reasons, documents confirming the existence of a permanent relationship)

  • document that the EU citizen already lives in the Czech Republic where the family member will follow or a document confirming the planned trip of the EU citizen and the accompanying applicant to the Czech Republic (e.g. booked airline tickets)

Third country nationals who are family members of EU citizens are required to register with the local police office within three business days of entering the country (list of offices here) provided the accommodation provider does not fulfil this obligation for them.

Stays longer than 90 days

A family member of an EU citizen who is not an EU citizen and is accompanying the EU citizen into the Czech Republic and plans to stay in the country for more than three months is required to apply for a temporary residence permit at the Ministry of the Interior within three months of entering the country. The application is filed in person at any of the offices of the Czech Ministry of the Interior.


  • application form

  • passport

  • document confirming that the applicant is a family member of the EU citizen (e.g. birth or marriage certificate)

  • photo (35 mm x 45 mm)

  • document confirming accommodation in the Czech Republic (accommodation agreement, lease agreement, sublease, proof of ownership of real estate)

  • health insurance card

  • document confirming residency of the EU citizen in the country (the assumption is that the EU citizen, of which the applicant is a family member, resides in the Czech Republic)

The documents for issuing the confirmation of temporary residence of a family member of an EU citizen must not be older than 180 days, with the exception of passports, vital records, and photos of the applicant as long as they look like the applicant. Documents must be either the originals or certified copies of the originals. Passports and vital records must always be in the original. All submitted documents must be issued in Czech or Slovak or officially translated into Czech.

Applications are handled within 60 days of the commencement of proceedings. The residence card of the family members of an EU citizen is issued for a period identical to the anticipated stay of the EU citizen, but for no longer than five year.

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