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1 September 2023

Cultural Tips for Autumn

With summer being over it is time to embrace the approaching crisp autumn months. Even though the days are getting shorter the city of Prague comes alive in a new season with cultural vibrancy. Here are our tips for making the most of autumn in Prague.

"Grape harvest festivals" mark the end of the grape-picking season and stand as a vibrant highlight of the Czech autumn. During this time of the year, one can indulge in a range of traditional delicacies, alongside young wine and partly fermented wine called "burčák." Throughout September, numerous wine festivals provide a unique opportunity for direct interaction with Czech winemakers from Southern Moravia, Central Bohemia, and Prague. These wine festivals will be held at various locations, including Vinohrady, Prague Castle, Grébovka, and many other venues. For more detailed information about these festivals, have a look here.

Moreover, during September a selection of interesting workshops awaits you at Kampus Hybernská providing an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning experiences and delve into diverse subjects. You can learn basic woodworking skills or try to develop your own film. These workshops are held in English and are suitable for beginners. Spots are limited.

Kicking off the autumn art season, this year's Prague Art Week begins on 21 September with a grand opening at the National Gallery Prague's Trade Fair. Over the subsequent days, the festival will unfold at more than 30 venues. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves not only in conventional art exhibitions but also in artistic displays in public space, literary presentations, art film screenings, and a diverse line-up of lectures and discussions. Prague Art Week concludes on 24 September. For a schedule and additional details about this event, you can explore the official website.

The upcoming edition of the Prague International Design Festival will center around the theme of "journey," spotlighting innovative designs intertwined with social and environmental concerns as well as global trends. Scheduled from 4 to 8 October, Designblok will unfold across three distinctive Prague venues: the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery Prague, the gardens of Prague Castle, and the Museum of Decorative Arts. Complementing the exhibitions, a diverse array of discussions and lectures will enrich the experience. For more information, please visit the official Designblok website.

Signal Festival will begin its 11th year on 12 October, lasting until 15 October. During these four days, the city of Prague will light up in advanced visual and digital art, creating a unique coexistence of the historical Prague scenery with the latest technologies. More information and schedule can be found here.

On 7 October Banán Fest comes to Kampus Hybernská, offering a unique perspective on Vietnamese culture as seen through the eyes of the second-generation Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic. Immerse yourself in the festival's ambiance, reminiscent of the Vietnamese Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival), complete with all the essential elements, including the traditional cuisine. Before visiting, be sure to check the event details here.

As the colder days of autumn approach, a hearty soup becomes the ultimate Czech comfort food. On 14 October, you can taste some of the most significant Czech and also international soups at Smíchovská náplavka riverside. Please find the link to the event here.

We hope some of these tips will strike your attention and enrich your autumn days!

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