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21 June 2022

Summer is the best time for enjoying the shade in the park, picnicking and sitting on the grass. Our guided tour will give you all of that. The tour will be accompanied by your favourite guide Jiřina Posledníková who you might remember from the autumn.

The tour starts in Prague Castle area where we will admire the beauties of the Royal Garden founded in the medieval times. After a short walk downhill via crocked alleys of Malá Strana we will get to another gem of Prague´s gardens – the Vrtba Garden. This time you will have the opportunity to admire the art of baroque gardeners. The third garden to explore will be the Seminary Garden near the Petřín hill.

The final part and let´s face it for some of the participants the most popular part of the tour will take us to the area of the Petřín hill where we would like to throw a picnic. You are encouraged to bring some small refreshments and drinks with you and possibly share with others. We hope the picnic will be a chance to network or say farewell before we leave for the summer.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 21, at 5 pm

WHERE: The area of Prague Castle

The tour is organised for Charles University international employees and alumni.

It si free of charge, registration is required.


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