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20 January 2021

Czech Language Courses for Foreign Employees

The Staff Welcome Centre (SWC) in cooperation with the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University (ILPS CU) is opening three Czech language courses for beginners (level A1) to foreign employees of Charles University.

The first lesson will take place on February 15, 2021. For the time being, the course will be led in the distance form. If the government and university regulations allow it, we will change it to the regular style of teaching.

The courses will take place once a week with 10 participants and will be led by professional lecturers from ILPS CU. The teaching of the courses will be divided into twelve 90-minute lessons during the semester. These courses are paid for by the SWC and for the CU employees are free of charge, but the capacity is limited to 30 participants per semester.

It is possible to register for the courses on one of three dates:

Group A on Mondays 4:00-5:30 pm (16:00-17:30):


Group B on Mondays 5:45-7:15 pm (17:45-19:15):


Group C on Mondays 4:00-5:30 pm (16:00-17:30)


If you have any questions about the course or registration, please contact , who will be in charge of these courses for SWC.

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